Key Events


To set the tone for the planning process, we begin by carefully developing a framework that encompasses your design goals, personal style, and overall scope of your celebration.  Leaving no stone unturned, we prepare the field for an exclusive experience to flourish.

Partial Planning

Starting at $4,000

Full Planning

Starting at $6,000

Key Expectations

Venue Assistance
    • Research and recommendations for suitable wedding venues in the Tahoe region.
    • Coordination of site visits and negotiations with selected venues.
    • Assistance with contract review and vendor communication for the chosen venue.
Vendor Referrals
    • Providing a list of trusted vendors, such as photographers, caterers, florists, and musicians, who are experienced in Tahoe weddings.
    • Initial contact and arrangement of meetings with vendors to discuss services and pricing.
Theme & Design Guidance
    • Collaborating on the overall wedding theme and style, considering the picturesque Tahoe landscape and local elements.
    • Suggestions for decor, color schemes, and ambiance that align with the chosen theme.
Budget Management
    • Developing a budget outline and assisting in allocating funds for various aspects of the wedding.
    • Monitoring expenses and suggesting adjustments to ensure the wedding stays within budget.
Timeline Creation
    • Drafting a detailed timeline for the wedding day, including ceremony, reception, and other key events.
    • Coordinating with vendors to ensure everyone is aware of the schedule.
Logistical Support
    • Assisting with travel arrangements and accommodations for out-of-town guests.
    • Providing guidance on local attractions and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay.
Wedding Day Coordination
    • On-the-day coordination to oversee the setup, vendor arrivals, and general flow of events.
    • Managing any unexpected issues that may arise during the wedding day.
RSVP & Guest Management
    • Assisting with guest list organization, sending out invitations, and tracking RSVPs.
    • Providing support for seating arrangements and any special accommodations.
Ceremony Rehearsal
    • Arranging and overseeing a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated event.
Etiquette & Protocol Guidance
    • Offering advice on wedding etiquette and traditions, particularly those relevant to the Tahoe region.
Assistance with Legalities
    • Guidance on obtaining necessary permits, licenses, and fulfilling legal requirements.
Personalized Details
    • Customized touches, such as welcome bags, favors, and personalized elements that reflect your story and style.
Post Wedding Wrap Up
    • Overseeing the breakdown and cleanup after the event.
    • Finalizing vendor payments and handling any post-wedding tasks.

Limited dates available for day of coordination services only